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Wine Stopper With 6 Glass Markers - Assorted

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Wine bottle stopper can be tightly sealed bottles, keep the wine fresh. Unique way to distinguish your drinking glasses.The colourful wine bottle stoppers keep wine fresh. Glass markers marks each guests drink. Dishwasher Safe Cute Bottle Stoppers Come with six clips, can be caught in the cup, you can use colors as the recognition In party or chat with friends, you can avoid the embarrassment of taking the wrong cup. Easy to use and clean. Package Included: 1Pcs X Bottle Stopper. 6Pcs X Wineglass Markers

Material :Silicone

Dimension :LxB - (Bottle Stopper)9x4.5 cms (Glass Marker)4x2.

Weight :500 gms

Warranty :Replacement against any damaged product received