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Mintree DreamCream (Body Cream) Blueberry 500gms

Mintree Premier Lifestyle And Beauty Pvt Ltd
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With the goodness of Blueberry oil and Shea Butter, Mintree Dream Cream is every skin's dream come true. Infused with with Jojoba oil and Aloe Vera Juice, this cream seeps deep into the skin and works its magic to replenish, renew and regenerate. Blueberry Oil improves skin elasticity and enables even skin tone. Shea Butter nourishes and softens the skin while protecting it from UV rays. Shea Butter~ Jojoba Oil~ Aloe Vera Juice~ Apple Cider Vinegar~ Blueberry Oil~ Vitamin A~ C~ E & F

Weight :500 gms

Warranty :Replacement against any damaged product received

Color :Blue