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Hemp Seed Powder 1000

Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO)
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Your search for an ethical source of protein ends here! Made from raw hemp seeds this is a 100% plant-based protein with the ability to provide you with a wholesome source of nutrition. Hemp is famously known to be the only plant to make protein from Edestin - a highly digestible protein that stimulates the manufacturing process of antibodies against invasive agents and is considered the backbone of the cells DNA. Hemp Protein Powder lends its nutritious touch to any meal so you can bake with it or add it to your smoothie- It's set to pave the way for a healthy diet! Ingredients - Raw shelled hemp(Cannabis Sativa L.) seed powder

Dimension :LxBxH - 36x26x7 inches

Weight :1.16 kgs

Warranty :Replacement agmsainst any damagmsed product received

Care Instructions :Store in a cool, dry place.