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Felt Activity Mat- Transport

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Introduce your toddler to soft and silent play with this engaging FELT ACTIVITY MAT. What Large fold-out Felt Activity Mat with 30 felt cutouts & 20 flash card activities with Happy Pod, Smiley Pod and Jumpy Pod! Theme Wild Animals Why felt It's soft, safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic and 100% hand-crafted with love! Super light to carry around great for travel. A certified early learning material for the tiniest of hands. How to play Kids can play with the cut-outs from the mat, by removing, attaching and arranging them in guided ways. Perfect for safe, silent and smart play. Promotes parent-child bonding with the accompanying flash card activities. Large size ensures it's easy to use for young babies. Play again and again to re-inforce the learning. Flash Card Activities Fun poems filled with information and fun! Learning outcomes Wild animal names, Animal habitats, Animal facts Skills learned: Key motor skill, hand-eye coordination, observation, sorting, picture word association and visual memory Ages: 1-3

Material :Multiple Material

Dimension :LxBxH - 27.3x27.3x5.08 cms

Weight :500 gms

Warranty :Replacement against any damaged product received