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Dadi's Mukhwas

The Seed Box
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Simple Ingredients. Distinct Flavor. Elevated Taste. When One Thinks Of Dadis Mukhwas.They Think Of.The Exciting Sound Of Fennel Seeds, Crisping In The Kitchen. The Delicate Aroma Of Spices, Wafting Through The Air. A Subtle Sweetness, Tantalizing Their Taste-Buds.They Think Of Nostalgia.Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With Our Delicious (Dare We Say Even More Delicious) Version Of An Old-School Classic. Best Devoured After Meals For Sweeter Breath, Better Digestion And A Cleaner Palate! And The Best Part None Of Our Products Contain Any Added Sugar, Chemicals Or Preservatives. Just Love. Ingredients : Fennel Seeds, Coriander Seeds, White Sesame Seeds, Pan Masala (Without Tobacco), Salt, Lime, Spices.

Weight :160 Gms