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Activity Boards- Seasons

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A fun activity for children to learn all about the Seasons! A learning tool that is safe, smart and silent - Activity Boards for ages 2-4 years old. What 4 interactive Activity Boards Summer, Spring, Monsoon Winter, 20 unique cutouts, flip over to learn lots of fun facts about each season behind each board. How to play - Sort the cutouts according to the seasons based on the clues, Identify different objects that belong to each season, Remove cutouts and put them back in the right place. Free role play with the seasons cutouts. Fun facts about the a seasons behind each board. Learn everything about summer, spring, monsoon and winter. Skills learned - Key motor skill, hand-eye coordination, observation, sorting, picture word association and visual memory. Ages: 2-4. Perfect for Gifting, travelling and independent play

Material :Multiple Material

Dimension :LxBXH - 24x32.5x0.5 cms

Weight :600 gms

Warranty :Replacement against any damaged product received