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Branche d'Olive Diffuser Set by Petricor - Feather

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Our Branche d'Olive range come in a variety of elegant scents. Made in France using the finest of raw materials for our most discerning clientele. Each 100 ml diffuser bottle comes with our most favorite Petricor votive candles (not the same fragrance as the diffuser) beautifully packed in a luxurious box making it a perfect way to pamper yourself or your loved ones making each set a perfect giveaway as well. Our Branche d'Olive Diffusers will last you for almost 10-12 weeks. Our customers just love the subtle but distinctive aromas and very quickly decide on their favorites and just keep coming back for more. This box contains: 1 x 100ml reed diffuser oil + 2 votive soy candles.

Material :Fragrance Oil

Weight :0

Warranty :Replacement against any damaged product received