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Set of 4 Bamboo Toddlers & Kids Bowls for Cereal & Soup - Sunset

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Because bamboo doesn't retain the smell of previous meals, you're free to serve up anything from scrambled eggs to stir-fry without having to worry about unwanted odours long after the dishes are done. Even the family fur baby will want to be served dinner in one of these little badboys! From your Mini Me's dinner to Dad's breakfast, these bowls can be used and enjoyed by all members of your Boo Crew. They also stack perfectly for simple storage, but let's get real when you've got bowls this cute, why would you hide them away?

Material :BPA and phthalates free

Dimension :DxH - 150x50 mm~ 600 ml

Weight :0

Warranty :Replacement against any damaged product received

Care Instructions :Not suitable for microwave or oven use